Wednesday, July 7, 2021

What are the health benefits from CBD Oil?

CBD Oil has gained much popularity in recent times. Global Markets Insights, a think tank, predicts that the CBD Oil market will reach $89 billion in 2026 (Health Europa). One particular area of growth has been in Europe who account for 25% of global Hemp cultivation to supply to manufacturers. These companies convert the raw material into a myriad of CBD products such as Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, CBD spray, CBD tinctures and CBD capsules.

Much of this growth can be attributed to the lack of psychoactive benefits found in Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil has 0.2% THC, while recreational cannabis oil contains much higher levels of THC. This is due to cannabis oil being sourced from the bud of the Marijuana plant, which most people can distinguish from Hemp plant as being concentrated with much THC content. This has urged many European countries to legalise CBD Oil entirely as a food supplement. Is vape E-liquid really the quickest way to get CBD into my system?

Although there is talk of changing the status of CBD Oil to a novel food like in the UK, consumers have sustained trust in their favourite brands to support them through various issues.

In this article we will explore the major health benefits of CBD Oil responsible for the industry's market growth and dedicated consumer following.

First, it is believed that hemp oil works in conjunction with your natural Endocannabinoid system. This system also includes cannabinoid-receptors. These cannabinoid receptors are support bases for the body. Therefore when Hemp derived CBD and its related cannabinoids including CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC bind to these cannabinoid receptors they can act as a support base for our bodies.

But what makes this possible? CBD is thought to act as a support for our bodies by binding to our cannabinoid receptors. This is why CBD can be a great source of health and well-being.

This has been a major driver of market growth in this industry, not only today, but also in the past. People are beginning to see the connection between CBD supplementation and our Endo-cannabinoid System. This leads to many sales for many businesses.

A second trend is dual combination supplements, where CBD and other health supplements are combined into one. By combining CBD with vitamins and minerals in tincture form, consumers can get their daily dose of Hemp Oil.

A unique example of this is the combination of Turmeric Oil and Hemp Oil. Here, Turmeric and its active ingredient Curucmin work together with cannabinoids to create a dual-purpose supplement.

Google will give you many results about the anti-inflammatory benefits of Turmeric. You can get the cartilage support you need as well as the CBD benefits by combining Turmeric and Hemp.

This has provoked many to keep up their CBD supplementation as they search the Internet for these interesting offerings as they gain more from their money when purchasing these two in one supplements. Thereby increasing sales and growing the market's size.

However there have been some setbacks in the rate the market can grow. This is because the purported health benefits of some CBD supplements can be compromised due to false information spreading in the industry. This comes in the form of some companies lying about the contents of their products.

Although these products claim they contain "x" amount cannabidiol (or a similar number), there are no lab reports. These products are often not accurate in reporting the CBD content. This has brought many to stop trusting the industry as a whole. Newspapers like the Daily Mail constantly fear monger about "fake" CBD supplements overstating their contents to the public.

On the other hand most companies are taking the time to procure lab reports to mitigate the aftershocks of such practices. Some consumers may lose trust in this well-documented, but expensive, third-party lab testing done by organisations like Phytovista.

For instance we at All Round CBD openly publish these lab reports after they have been checked and rechecked by the relevant authorities to show we mean what we say on the label.

But why exactly are lab reports a crucial factor in the major health benefits of CBD Oil? Because the label's CBD dosage reflects the health benefits of a product, this is why lab reports are so important.

For example a customer looking for low strength CBD Oil will know they are just starting out in urging their cannabinoid receptors to receive CBD. Accordingly they will take the lowest dose. However, the benefits they receive from this dosage may be compromised if they don't have the required lab reports to prove they are receiving what they paid for.

To finish things off hopefully you can see the major health benefits of CBD Oil as complimenting your Endo-Cannabinoid system in order to help maintain your body's normal functions. The benefits of CBD Oil can be further enhanced by combining it with natural ingredients. These two factors have allowed CBD to grow as a market and gain consumer trust. Although there are some bogus CBD products out there the vast majority of companies accurately state what's on their label thereby allowing sales to continue.

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